Energy Sessions

What is an energy session?

Energy sessions can take place with Katie Burthardt or Micah Neese. During an energy session, any of the following can take place:

  • Energy Readings
  • Card Readings
  • Intuitive Messages Sessions
  • Chakra Balancing or Reiki Work

These sessions are typically a 60 minute session.

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Katie has been gifted with claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience and she uses that gift to channel the messages and healing powers of Spirit to those she serves. When she’s not out there being the “woo woo way maker” at Authentic Intuition, she’s just “Mom” to her two sons. Katie says that is was being surrounded by testosterone her whole life, with 3 brothers, mostly male extended family, and her two sons that her love for beauty, fashion were born. Katie is a proud feminist. She’s all about the divine feminine within us and can help you find and reclaim the divine feminine in you.


I am a nerd when it comes to psychology, human behavior and spirituality. So at any given moment you might see me geeking out over evidenced based practice and in the next breath curse like a sailor in a very animated therapeutic analogy . I’m a born intuitive with gifts in claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance but I won’t be whipping out a crystal ball, ouija board, or letting great Papaw Jed possess my body Oda Mae Brown style. At least I hope not, that sounds a little awkward. I will read your energy, cards, call in your spirit guides, angels and ancestors…this is where if Great Papaw Jed (or any other loved one) wants to send you a message through me they can. I will perform energy healings, as well as lead you through meditation and *prayer. Often, this is where you can connect with spirit guides and loved ones directly.

*The practice of prayer is based upon your preference.

Energy Session Fees:

Energetic Reading and Healing $75
Intuitive Message Reading $ 100
Card Readings $50

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