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Reconnect to who you are, break the cycle of old patterns, & step into new beliefs about yourself.

You might have gone to therapy before. That’s great, we love therapy here at NNOL — but if you feel like you didn’t get what you needed out of those sessions, or if you’re ready to truly integrate your therapy sessions into your daily life, then our therapy or energy sessions are for you. Explore our services.



(and the rest of the team)

We’ve got an awesome team here at New Neese on Life, but hey, we might be just a little biased.  Our therapists, Micah and Katelyn, come to work with an arsenal of tools and skills they’ve picked up over the years serving in a variety of settings in both Maryland and Massachusetts.  They’re ready, willing, and able to help you clear the clutter in your mind, your chakra if you’re into that, and your soul so that you can finally live your life with healed intention and clarity.

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