ADHD Assessment

Comprehensive ADHD Assessment

Have you had difficulty being accurately screened for ADHD?  To speak quite frankly, have you experienced feeling dismissed or not taken seriously when asking to be assessed for ADHD? Or, do you have a suspicion you might have it but feel uncomfortable bringing it up to your provider? 

Unfortunately, this is all too common.  For a variety of reasons, including but not limited to antiquated diagnostic criteria as well as poor access to new data that would improve best practices, many people go undiagnosed their whole lives.  That’s an entire lifetime of struggle, self doubt, strained relationships and jobs, as well as burnout.  Often adults are “punished” for doing well and aren’t taken seriously for the diagnosis if they’re checking the boxes of a productive life (job, relationship, school) meanwhile no attention or value is paid to the stress and strain it took for the person to be “functioning within normal limits”. 

At New Neese on Life we are passionate about improving the lives of ADHDers and helping them to rewrite history, hone in on their strengths and hack their brain so they can live a life undefined by or unencumbered by ADHD.

When one of New Neese on Life’s licensed clinicians assesses you for ADHD it will include the following:

This assessment takes approximately two to three hours to complete.  Patient’s may choose to split this assessment into two appointments or, if they’d prefer and the clinician is available, they can choose to complete the assessment in one session with one 15 minute break.

  • BioPsychoSocial Assessment
  • Brown’s Executive Function / Attention Scale
  • Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults (DIVA) 2.0
  • Adult ASRS Symptom Checklist v1.1
  • Barratt Impulsiveness Scale
  • Clinical Global Impression
  • Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire
  • Weiss Functional Impairment Rating Scale
  • DSM-5 Criteria assessment
  • Copies of assessment
  • Clinical Summary
  • Referrals and recommendations for neuropsychiatric evaluations or other relevant collateral providers if applicable

Copies of assessments and summaries will be made available to patient no later than 7-10 business days after the assessment has been completed.

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What are the benefits of an ADHD assessment?

While not all of our work is focused on clients who have ADHD, many of our clients come to New Neese on Life because they are looking for a therapist who specializes in ADHD, and has extensive knowledge of their situation.

Both myself (Micah) and Katie have ADHD, and it’s something we openly share with you as we believe that knowing this information shows you that we truly can understand where you’re coming from if you also have ADHD. Sadly, many of our clients have received outdated treatment advice, or struggle to get a clear diagnosis at all. We don’t give you guidance that we didn’t find useful ourselves.

By offering Comprehensive ADHD Assessments, we are able to help get accurate diagnosis and information into the hands of our clients. This assessment gives them the information they need to make choices about how to move forward.

ADHD Assessment Fee Schedule:

New Neese on Life is a private pay practice, and does not accept health insurance. However, depending on your health insurance, clinical services are typically eligible for reimbursement through your health insurance. It is your responsibility to pursue reimbursement for any services.

Comprehensive ADHD Assessment: $555

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New Neese on Life is a private pay practice, and does not accept health insurance. Please review the "Fee Schedule" on the ADHD Assessment page for current rates.*
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