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Now Offering Comprehensive ADHD Assessments Virtually in Maryland and Massachusetts

Have you had difficulty being accurately screened for ADHD?  To speak quite frankly, have you experienced feeling dismissed or not taken seriously when asking to be assessed for ADHD? Or, do you have a suspicion you might have it but feel uncomfortable bringing it up to your provider? 

Unfortunately, this is all too common.  For a variety of reasons, including but not limited to antiquated diagnostic criteria as well as poor access to new data that would improve best practices, many people go undiagnosed their whole lives.  That’s an entire lifetime of struggle, self doubt, strained relationships and jobs, as well as burnout.  Often adults are “punished” for doing well and aren’t taken seriously for the diagnosis if they’re checking the boxes of a productive life (job, relationship, school) meanwhile no attention or value is paid to the stress and strain it took for the person to be “functioning within normal limits”. 

At New Neese on Life we are passionate about improving the lives of ADHDers and helping them to rewrite history, hone in on their strengths and hack their brain so they can live a life undefined by or unencumbered by ADHD.

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Do I have to have a comprehensive assessment to be formally diagnosed?

The short answer to whether or not you must have a comprehensive ADHD assessment to be formally diagnosed is NO.

You might be thinking “um, well then why bother?” and to shoot it to you straight here, you might not need to bother.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a doctor, psychiatric nurse practitioner or therapist that you trust to have more than a broad working knowledge about the nuances of neurodiversity, they can actually assess and diagnose you.

Unfortunately though, one of the most common reasons for someone with ADHD to go undiagnosed and untreated is because their providers have not kept up with the advancements in understanding the origin, presentation and effects of ADHD.  Many of the clinical tools used in assessing for neurodiversity are 75 years old.  This includes the DSM-5 criteria itself, with most of the studies contributing to the criteria we use today taking place between 1970-1990.     This doesn’t mean that your provider isn’t skilled or doesn’t care, it just means that they’re human and as smart as they may be…they can’t specialize in everything. Science moves quickly and our healthcare system….well…does not.

Why Should I trust New Neese on Life with my Assessment?

While not all of our work is focused on clients who have ADHD, many of our clients come to New Neese on Life because they are looking for a therapist who specializes in ADHD, and has extensive knowledge of nuances of the presentation of the diagnosis.

New Neese on Life’s Owner, Micah, is very open about her diagnosis of ADHD as it’s important to her that her clients trust that she understands the scope and subtleties of being neurodiverse beyond just her clinical expertise.  Katelyn also comes with a deep understanding of the diagnosis and many years of experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD in children, teens, and adults.  Sadly, many of our clients have received outdated treatment advice, or struggle to get a clear diagnosis at all. We don’t give you guidance that we didn’t find useful ourselves and that’s a promise.

By offering Comprehensive ADHD Assessments, we are able to help get accurate diagnosis and information into the hands of our clients. This assessment gives them solid insight into themselves and their own personal needs so that they may take that information and both form perspective as well as build a life that makes them feel seen.

Please note that due to state licensing laws, Micah and Katelyn are only able to assess patients currently living in the state they are licensed in.  Micah is licensed in the state of Maryland, while Katelyn is licensed in Massachusetts.  

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Benefits To Comprehensive Testing for Adults

  • Understanding Personal Challenges: A diagnosis helps individuals understand why they may struggle with attention, organization, and impulsivity, providing clarity on long-standing issues.
  • Access to Appropriate Treatment: With a diagnosis, adults can access treatments such as medication, therapy, or coaching specifically tailored to manage ADHD symptoms​
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Understanding that difficulties are due to ADHD rather than personal failure can boost self-esteem and reduce feelings of guilt or shame​ 
  • Improved Relationships: ADHD can strain relationships due to misunderstandings about behaviors. A diagnosis can foster better communication and understanding between partners, family members, and colleagues
  • Better Work Performance: Knowing they have ADHD, individuals can seek workplace accommodations, use strategies to improve focus and productivity, and potentially find more suitable career paths​ 
  • Access to Support Networks: Diagnosis can connect individuals with support groups, both in-person and online, where they can share experiences and coping strategies​ 
  • Educational Support: Adults returning to school or engaging in professional development can access educational accommodations and support services tailored to their learning needs​ 
  • Financial Management: Many adults with ADHD struggle with managing finances. Diagnosis can lead to seeking financial counseling and using tools and strategies to better manage money​
  • Legal Protections: A formal diagnosis can provide legal protections under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring fair treatment in educational and employment settings​ 
  • Tailored Coping Strategies: Professionals can help individuals develop personalized coping strategies, including time management, organizational skills, and stress management techniques​ 

Benefits to Comprehensive Testing for Teens

  • Improved Academic Performance: Diagnosis allows access to educational accommodations, such as extended time on tests, help with note-taking, and other resources to support learning​ 
  • Better Understanding of Self: Teenagers can understand that their difficulties with attention and impulsivity are due to ADHD, not personal shortcomings, which can improve self-awareness and self-acceptance​ 
  • Access to Therapy and Counseling: Professional support, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can help teens develop coping strategies, improve executive function skills, and address any co-existing conditions like anxiety or depression​ 
  • Enhanced Social Skills: Social skills training can help teens with ADHD learn to navigate social interactions more effectively, improving friendships and reducing social isolation​
  • Supportive School Environment: Schools can create individualized education plans (IEPs) or 504 plans tailored to the student’s specific needs, ensuring they receive the necessary support to succeed​
  • Reduced Risk of Substance Abuse: Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the likelihood of self-medication with drugs or alcohol, which is more common in undiagnosed ADHD teens​ 
  • Parental Understanding and Support: Parents can better understand their child’s behavior and needs, leading to a more supportive home environment and more effective parenting strategies​ 
  • Improved Time Management: Teens can learn specific strategies to manage their time and responsibilities more effectively, helping them keep up with schoolwork and other activities​ 
  • Positive Identity Formation: Understanding their ADHD can help teens form a positive identity, seeing their ADHD as one aspect of who they are rather than a defining feature​ 
  • Future Planning: With a diagnosis, teens can better plan for their futures, including choosing careers or educational paths that align with their strengths and finding tools to help them succeed in adulthood

ADHD Assessment Disclaimers and Fee Schedule:


  • While New Neese on Life does accept most major insurance carriers for individual therapy and basic diagnostic assessments, our claims processing platforms, Headway and Alma, cannot process claims for comprehensive assessments.  However, depending on your out of network coverage,  most insurance companies will reimburse you for all or a portion of the cost of the assessment.  New Neese on Life will provide all the necessary documentation to pursue this.
  • New Neese on Life primarily serves individuals over the age of eighteen.  However, minors over the age of 15 can be evaluated on a cases by case basis providing that they have a therapist they see regularly and their parents or guardians are able to meaningfully participate in the evaluation and treatment.

Package Details and Fee Schedule:

New Neese on life is happy to be able to offer two options for ADHD assessments.  Please see the table below to choose the option that is right for you.  If you’re unsure of which option is right for you, that’s totally fine.  Include that in a note in your application and Micah or Katelyn will be happy to help you navigate that decision.

Please Note that the Comprehensive Assessment will be completed in two separately scheduled 60-90 minute sessions, while the QBTest Standalone Test will be completed in one 60-90 minute session.  Both assessments will exclusively be offered virtually.

Included in Assessment Comprehensive Assessment  QBCheck Standalone Assessment
Eligible for full or partial reimbursement by insurance* Yes Yes
Full Diagnostic Assessment Yes No
Brown Executive Functioning Assessment Yes No
FDA Approved QBTech Assessment Yes Yes
Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults (DIVA) 2.0 Yes No
Clinical Summary of Test Results Yes No,  .pdf exam results only.
One Consultation Call with Your Outside Provider Yes No
Results Review with your NNOL Clinician Yes Yes
Eligible for Split Payment Yes No

Total Cost



*Reimbursement from your insurance is entirely dependent on your out of network coverage for your specific plan.  Please check with your insurance to ensure coverage before your appointment if you plan to seek reimbursement.  NNOL will happily provide the necessary paperwork to complete the process.

Apply for an ADHD Assessment

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