We have multiple therapists licensed in the states of Maryland and Massachusetts.

Therapy clients must be located in one of those states for therapy, otherwise you can apply for Therapeutic Coaching instead.

We only work with adults over the age of 18, and all sessions are done online over a video call.


New Neese on Life offers licensed psychotherapy to clients in Maryland and Massachusetts. So you might have been to therapy in your life. That’s cool. We love therapy here at NNOL. However, you’ve likely not been to therapy quite like this. We are here to help you clear the clutter in your mind so that you can finally live your life with healed intention and clarity.

So what does living with healed intention mean?

  • Generational trauma can end with you.
  • You stop questioning your worth and value
  • Life happens FOR you, not TO you.
  • Your standards and your vibration rise
  • You respond to life, not react to it.

We use a variety of clinical psychotherapy methods in our practice, including — Psychodynamic, CBT/TF-CBT, Somatic Experience, Polyvagal Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Internal Family Systems. You can learn more about each of these methods here.

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If you have ADHD, we have ADHD-informed therapists

While not all of our work is focused on clients who have ADHD, many of our clients come to New Neese on Life because they are looking for a therapist or coach who specializes in ADHD, and has extensive knowledge of their situation.

Both myself (Micah) and Katie have ADHD, and it’s something we openly share with you as we believe that knowing this information shows you that we truly can understand where you’re coming from if you also have ADHD. Sadly, many of our clients have received outdated treatment advice, or struggle to get a clear diagnosis at all. We don’t give you guidance that we didn’t find useful ourselves.

How can therapy help me?

  • Renewed sense of self & feeling empowered
  • Having clarity in decisions & life
  • Breaking the cycle of negative patterns
  • Working through past experiences

Therapy, or Therapeutic Coaching can help give you the dedicated space and time to devote to working on yourself. If you’ve been stuck in the same patterns, and have had trouble integrating new habits or behaviors in your life, then therapy or coaching can help give you tools to make changes.

Clinical Psychotherapy Fee Schedule:

New Neese on Life is in the process of partnering with major commercial insurances.  Currently we accept the following insurance:

Optum, United Health Care, Oxford Health Plans, Cigna, Aetna, UMR, Oscar, UHC Student Resources, All Savers UHC and Harvard Pilgrim.  Blue Cross/ Blue Shield plans are currently covered in Massachusetts, and will also be accepted in Maryland in the near future.  This list will be update as more insurance partnerships are finalized.

We are also able to accept Out of Network clients by private pay.  Depending on your health insurance, clinical services are usually eligible for reimbursement through your health insurance. New Neese on Life provides you all of the documentation needed to be reimbursed but it is your responsibility to pursue reimbursement for any services.

Individual Counseling: $150 / 50-60 minute session
Diagnostic Evaluation: $185 /60-90 minute diagnostic session

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New Patients: Please complete application below. After completing the application you will be automatically redirected to our online scheduling system.